Monday, October 16, 2017

Parenting: New Perspectives

As a parent of a preschooler and an infant, I have developed a different perspective of many elements from my professional trainingI didn't really truly know how challenging parenting can be until I lived it.  

Here are just a few concepts that I have gained a new and different appreciation for after becoming a parent: 

How challenging managing typical toddler behavior can be. 
How stimulus control, when children respond a certain way to one stimulus, (I.e., one parent) and a different way to another, affects behavior. 
How easy it is to take non-compliance personally.  
How easy it is to resort to yelling. 
The pressure to do more. 
The pressure to do less. 
Increasing awareness of possible judgment. 
Increasing awareness of parenting expectations. 
How intense sleep deprivation really is. 
The challenges faced when planning child care. 
How every second of your life must be accounted for.  
How exciting a child- free 30 min trip to Target can be. 
How exciting witnessing childhood milestones can be. 
How often we check and make sure our children are breathing. 
How easy it is to say "stop" and "no" instead of "keep the plate on the table" and "yes, you can have some after dinner." 
What rushing truly is like. 
How spit up and a poop explosion can dramatically affect your schedule. 
How precious sleep is. 
The importance of family time. 
The importance of prioritizing your marriage. 
The desire to have multiple roles. 
How much anxiety can be present when making parenting decisions. 
How scary ER visits are. 
The challenges of caring for a sick child. 
The challenges of caring for a healthy child. 
How deep love can go. 

Our appreciation of life events and circumstances change as we have more experiences throughout our life span. I am eager to see how my perspective changes in these areas as my children grow.  

How has your perspective changed?