Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Beginning School During Challenging Times

 As we are preparing for a new school year and are making decisions for our families, ourselves, and careers, we may feel anxious, stressed, or tired. This is to be expected given the unique stressors we are facing right now. Together, we can manage this. 

My hope for this school year is that we can: 

-practice resilience, patience, and kindness 

-be thoughtful, considerate, and informed 

-be reasonable, logical, and rational 

-appreciate hard-work, dedication, and energy 

-be flexible, fluid, and adjustable 

-make decisions that are the best for our individual needs and family circumstances 

-have fun, learn, and grow 


Whether it is in-person learning, remote instruction, online schooling, or homeschooling, we can be better and stronger together. Let’s show kindness to each other, ask questions, follow guidelines, offer help, accept help, and be reasonable with expectations and demands.  Have a great school year!